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Monthly Listing 

My nephew, Jamie, made an observation about our site. If you view on a computer, laptop, or ipad, you cane see the venue in the calendar square.On a cell phone all you can see is that the date is booked and have to check each day to see where the venue is.His idea was to creat a list that one could read to see where each date was booked and then one could go to the date for directions and whatever link there might be to the venue. I have been looking over the site for an option like this and have not yet found one. i have decided that until i find a betterway i will try to remember to write it as a blog each month. 

so,,Friday April 13 we are at McBrides Irish Pub 161 Wayland Ave in Providence R I at 7:00

Friday April 27 we will be playing at

Preston Ridge Vineyard 100 Miller Road in Preston Ct @ 5:30

Monday April 30 we will be performing @ THe Rathskeller489A Old Coach Road in Charlestown R I @ 7:30

Wednesday May 2 we will be @ The Steak Loft 27 Coogan Blvd in Mystic Ct @ 7:00